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Smart Growth for our Communities

I have been involve in the Smart Growth movement for about one and a half years now and have read numerous articles and subscribe to a news letter. Smart Growth isn’t about one way of doing things. It has its … Continue reading

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Smart Growth – A Personal Perspective

I actually devised Smart Growth independently (my form of it) around the summer of last year while the General Plan Amendment (GPA) was undergoing scrutiny around the summer of 2014. I had by then determined that car traffic would limit Cupertino’s ability to sustain growth for long and was trying to solve this problem. It became clear that replacing cars with bicycles was the right path so I developed a long range Vision of what Cupertino would look like without cars. Continue reading

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More Sustained Growth for Cupertino with Smart Growth

Smart Growth was originally developed to help cities undergoing rapid growth to do it in a more sustained manner with sensitivity to its impact on the environment. This started as a European concept but was easier because they had relatively limited urban sprawl. It is like a suitcase in which you need to pack your belonging more efficiently into a fixed container as you buy more souvenirs along the way. Continue reading

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Smart Growth Is Sustainable Growth

Smart Growth as defined by Wikipedia “is an urban planning and transportation theory that concentrates growth in compact walkable urban centers to avoid sprawl. It also advocates compact, transit-oriented, walkable, bicycle-friendly land use, including neighborhood schools, complete streets, and mixed-use … Continue reading

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Smart Growth and the Role of Bicycles

I’ve been recently doing some internet research and giving much thought into SMART GROWTH. Wikipedia presents a great discussion about it. It is a sustainable solution to urban development that counters the negative impact of car-centric urban sprawl. It addresses … Continue reading

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The Deadly Third Rail of Growth

At the heart of any community of people is housing, a place where people live and feel a sense of home and belonging, a comfortable and familiar place to rest and be oneself. But jobs are ultimately the reason people move from location to location in order to secure their livelihoods. Some may claim that they moved to a specific location for other reason such as schools or more affordable houses but in essence it is the prospects of a good job that bring them to the area… Continue reading

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Integrated Solution to Solving Growth and Traffic Congestion Problems

I recently watch the TED YouTube “A future beyond traffic gridlock” by Bill Ford of Ford Motor Co. It has relevance to Growth and increased Traffic in our city. I didn’t quit like Fords example of cars on intelligent networks because it lacked innovation in the use of other forms of transportation, but I’d expect that of a top auto executive. More cars, autonomous cars, and networked or not, are that much more space occupying our roads. One must look at even more long-term integrated mobility solutions that occupy far less space, reduce or eliminates the use of energy and production of greenhouse gases, and greatly reduce or eliminate traffic congestion. Continue reading

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A Community Mall that Reduces Traffic the Larger it Grows – Thinking Outside the Box

I like thinking outside the box. It stimulates ideas that others have not thought about yet. But such thinking must also solve problems as well. It also acts as the springboard for other similar but original ideas. I have written extensively about the concepts of Smart Growth. The essence of this new concept in city planning is to promote sustainable growth while having minimal impact upon the environment. These environmental impacts come in the form of cities spreading out into undeveloped habitat and the emissions of greenhouse gases contributing to Climate Change.,, Continue reading

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Vallco – Housing for Apple 2 Employees to Mitigate Traffic

My vision for Valco is as a self-contained community within our community of mixed use containing the following categories of development to meet the needs of this community. The goal is to mitigate traffic as much as possible and build an interdependent infrastructure to support this community… I base this community upon Smart Growth principles to reduce the use of cars as much as possible by placing everything conveniently within walking, biking, or public transportation distance for occupants of Vallco. There is enough diversity of land-use that provide for the needs of this community and profitability for the developer… Continue reading

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Biking Cupertino

The Problem: The city of Cupertino, population 60,000, is undergoing unprecedented growth in high-density commercial and residential developments. This has its impetus with the new 14,000 employees Apple Campus II R&D facility to be completed at the end of 2016. Investors are … Continue reading

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What We Can All Do to Help Save Our Planet

The primary culprit of Climate Change is excessive Climate Change (CO2) being released into the atmosphere from the insatiable appetite of Our Affluent Lifestyle. There is almost no part of our lives that does not impact Climate Change from the goods we consume to the conveniences we treasure. So there are plenty of opportunities for each of us to mitigate Our Individual impact. It isn’t only about government regulating carbon emissions. It is also about each of us doing our part to reduce the use of energy that is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions… Continue reading

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Why Bicycles are So Beneficial to Cupertino

Cupertino it the epitome of an urban sprawl community that is trying to morph into a urban city. However urban sprawl, ideal for car, is not so for public transportation or walking. Its many winding mazed roads and dead-end streets make public transportation impractical near most streets and walking laboriously long. In the process it is undergoing dramatic growth and severe growing pains. But unlike a person growing up with a genetic road-map of how to grow Cupertino has no road-map. So it is growing more like a cancer cell out of control. Continue reading

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Most Recent Posts First (82 Total): A Bicycle Ride on the Stevens Creek Trail in Mountain View May 12, 2016 Cupertino is Mostly about Education March 28, 2016 Incentivizing Employees to Live Close to Work and Reduce Traffic March 4, 2016 The Deadly Third Rail of Growth February 25, … Continue reading

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Bicycle Pedestrian Commission – 10/6/2014 Bike Lanes in Cupertino are Still Too Dangerous after Child hit and killed by Truck on McClellan near Bubb – 10/27/2014 The Hills at Valco EIR Scoping Public Comment – 11/15/2014 Last Night’s Workshop (Regarding … Continue reading

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Senate transportation bill includes landmark provision for safer streets

The following was copied from and article from SmartGrowth: Posted on July 30, 2015 by Smart Growth America Senators Schatz, Heller, Franken, and Udall champion provision to address national epidemic of pedestrian fatalities The Senate voted on its final six-year … Continue reading

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My Bucket List for Biking and Walking in Cupertino

Here are the things I how to see, do, and experience in Cupertino: Convince the City that Bicycles are a major part of the solution of traffic mitigation and for Sustainable Growth for the City.  This is the center theme … Continue reading

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A City without a Mission

I feel that Cupertino is like a child trying by trial and error to finds its way.  It is a city without a Mission, Purpose or Vision.  There is no theme by which to guide the city towards the future.  … Continue reading

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My Vision of a Future Cupertino

[Note: Red text indicates elements that are also part of Smart Growth.] I have a Vision of a future 75-100 years from now: Where our grown grandchildren, their children and other residents commute by bicycles, walking, and public transportation powered … Continue reading

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Links to Bike Route Designs, Examples, and Information

Categories: Protected Bike Lane Posts and info on this website Cupertino City Info Organizations and Blogs Bicycle Lanes Consultants, Designs and Stories Interesting Articles Agencies References 1  Protected Bike Lane Posts and Info on this website: Videos Clips of Bicycle … Continue reading

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