Goal and What Need to be Done


Our goal should be to get 20% of the population of Cupertino to use bicycles on a regular basis and 70% of students to walk and cycle to schools regularly in 10 years in order to make cycling Safe, Appealing, Convenient and Growth Sustainable.  This needs to be done in stages.  In 50 years it is hoped that more than 80% of residents will regularly use bikes and 100% of student will ride their bikes or walk or be bused to school.

Making Bicycling the Vehicle for Sustainable Growth (short term):

  1. City Council, the Planning Commission, the Safety Commission, the Bicycle-Pedestrian Commission, and the Park and Recreation Commission must be convinced that cycling is the vehicle for Sustainable Growth for our city.  It reduces car traffic and all of its negative consequences for population growth;
  2. A professional bicycle infrastructure expert should be hired to advise the city how to design Safe, Appealing, Convenient and Growth Sustainable bicycle pathways;
  3. There must be adequate funds apportioned to make fundamental long term changes to our city infrastructure to accommodate the changes needed to make Biking Safe, Appealing, and Convenient;
  4. Schools and community bicycle safety classes must be funded and made available to all students and citizens encourage bicycle riding and to teach good and safe riding habits and rules of the road;
  5. Bicycle advocacy groups must be organized to aid and encourage the city to maintain its focus upon achieving equatable bicycling infrastructure and education to making biking more Safe, Appealing, Convenient for a Growth Sustainable community;
  6. The community must be shown and convinced that indeed cycling is more Safe, Appealing, Convenient than driving.