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The Debate over California’s Proposed Mandatory Helmet Law

“A bill introduced last week by state Sen. Carol Liu (D-La Cañada Flintridge) would extend California’s youth helmet requirement to adults, mandate reflective clothing while biking at night and fine cyclists $25 for not complying.” – Huff Post The debate … Continue reading

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Political Realities Can Change

Whenever Government is involved in deciding how to best spend tax dollars politics more often than not plays a huge and deciding role.  The needs of the citizens being served by elected officials are less served than the political interests … Continue reading

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Why are Citizens Against More Housing But Not Traffic Congestion?

There is a very strong movement against Housing Growth and where to place mandated housing in Cupertino fueled in part because of traffic congestion around their neighborhoods and schools.  But few are addressing traffic directly which is the real problem.  … Continue reading

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Best Practices in Bicycle Lane Designs

The emphasis of this article is on making bicycle lanes as safe as possible.  No single solution fits all circumstances.  Such considerations as driveways, intersections, cars making right terms, bikes making left terns, etc. must be considered for any given … Continue reading

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Protected Bike Lanes

Protected Bike Lanes were first developed in Norther European countries to physically separate bicycles form cars to increase safety and to make bicycle lanes Appealing by incorporating landscaping and tree along the rout.  This also make it safe for people … Continue reading

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Why Should We Tolerate Even One Bicycle-Car Accident?

Would you consider it tolerable if even one bicycle-car accident occurred a year if it were your child or family member riding that unfortunate bike?  So why should we tolerate such accidents for any other member of our community?  Why … Continue reading

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Letter to City Council: Mobility Element missing from the General Plan – Bicycles as an Alternative to more Cars

Dear Honorable Mayor Rod Sinks and City Council members, As an observer of what has transpired in the General Plan Amendment meetings and workshops it occurs to me that they are mostly about Commercial and Housing elements.  There is nothing … Continue reading

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Cupertino General Plan – There is no Mobility Element!

The General Plan has as its foundation the Community Vision 2040 which is a guiding set of documents intended to assure that the General Plan remains balanced and contains the various key elements of this Vision.  Two of the elements … Continue reading

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Taking That First Step

The most import thing about doing anything new is deciding what first to do and taking that first step.  It doesn’t have to be large but it is a start that will lead to the next step and so on. … Continue reading

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Alleviating Fears that Cars will be Ban from Streets

It occurs to me that some people may be interpreting my intentions expressed in this website to start banning cars from the streets.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I know so well that it is unrealistic to ban … Continue reading

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