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Things that Discourage Me from Biking in Cupertino

This website promotes more biking in Cupertino to help solve its traffic and pollution problems by creating a more growth sustainable and green community.  It cannot solve all such problems but it can play a valuable role to mitigate them.  … Continue reading

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Bicycle Express Lanes on Highway 85

Highway 85 extends from Highway 101 North near Mountain View at its northern extremity to Highway 101 South in San Jose at its southern extreme.  There is Light Rail located on a section of Hwy 85 in San Jose near … Continue reading

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Alleviating Fears that Cars will be Ban from Streets

It occurs to me that some people may be interpreting my intentions expressed in this website to start banning cars from the streets.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I know so well that it is unrealistic to ban … Continue reading

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