My Vision of a Future Cupertino

[Note: Red text indicates elements that are also part of Smart Growth.]

I have a Vision of a future 75-100 years from now:

  • Where our grown grandchildren, their children and other residents commute by bicycles, walking, and public transportation powered by fuel cells, renewable energy sources, or fusion power with absolutely no cars or pollution or intense use of energy;
  • A future that encompasses all My Dreams fully expressed;
  • A future of Sustainable and Resilient Growth free of air pollution, dependence on oil and energy consuming, and space wasting, costly, high maintenance, very heavy, and dangerous cars;
  • A future based upon Smart Growth principles for communities where all the needs of residents including jobs are withing walking and biking distance from where they live;
  • A future where every city is powered by its on source of Fusion or renewable power for clean electrical power independent of any vulnerable power grid;
  • A future where parents are not afraid to let their children safely play in the street or ride their bikes anywhere or otherwise freely play with their neighbors;
  • A future where most people work at home or within walking and bicycle distance so as to reduce the amount of travel on public transportation which in the future may be a major source of travel expenses;
  • A future where trees and shrubs and other plants are tastefully landscaped in open areas along bicycle routes blending in with their surroundings;
  • A future where space and energy efficient and Green designed high density housing units with all the modern-day amenities will replace current larger lot single family homes with narrower bicycle friendly streets wide enough for electrically powered emergency and service vehicles;
  • A future where small shops and store located in neighborhoods (mixed use) provide essential or frequently used goods and services to nearby neighborhoods within easy walking and biking distance;
  • A future with lit bicycle subway-expressways sheltered from weather and crossing under the city with underground shopping areas and subway transportation hubs with convenient exits with yet to be invented power ramps to help cyclists get up to ground level along the way for sheltered and convenient shortcuts across town;
  • A future where education will be brought into individual homes through computer-like  devices of the future and education designed around the individual needs of each child and that smaller centralized facilities or parks where equipment and social interactions are needed are scattered within convenient bicycling distance for children;
  • A city where bicycles provide a very healthy way children and adults can staying in shape and at the same time commute around town;
  • A future where the city is so well designed for efficient living that our open spaces, creeks and trails remain largely undeveloped and accessible; open to the public so that children and parents may experience nature to its fullest as we now enjoy them;
  • And a future where bicycles remain the primary means of mobility, simple and largely unencumbered with technology to maintain the humanism in human mobility by keeping man in closer touch with his surroundings.