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Away from the major cities where parking is problematic and into cities built around urbanized sprawl exists a car-centric culture where cars are considered the only meaningful way to commute.  When car-centric people are asked if they foresee a day … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons of Cars vs. Bikes

Cars:- Pros: Can travel long distances; Requires little effort to drive; Can be very comfortable to ride; Control of environment for passengers – temperature, noise, smells, sunlight, sounds (music), lighting, shelter from precipitation and wind; Can be used to carry … Continue reading

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A Reader’s Concern about Bicycle Subway Safety and the Handicap

In my last post Cities where Cars are not Needed I gave examples of some cities where cars did not play an essential role in the daily commuter lives of citizens.  In this article I briefly described the concept of the … Continue reading

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Cities where Cars are not Needed

Believe it or not there are a few cities in America where the majority of people do not routinely drive cars.  They are among the largest or most densely populated cities.  The problem people of these cities encounter is not … Continue reading

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