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Growth Projection

Currently Apple is building their new space ship campus expected to employ 13,000 employees.  This may bring as many as 8,000-10,000 more cars on the streets of Cupertino in the next 2-3 years once the campus is open. The General … Continue reading

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Strategies to Increase the Level of Bicycling in Communities

A list of suggested things that could entice people to bike more.

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Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Growth implies that the City can grow into the foreseeable future without suffering the previous Consequences of Growth which have been defined as: Traffic Congestion; Car accidents between bicyclists and pedestrians; Overcrowded schools. By removing cars from the equation … Continue reading

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Think BIG, Ask BIG, Be Convinced

So often we undersell ourselves by thinking too small and only asking for small amounts of resources or money giving those on the giving end the impression that what you ask is insignificant.  Management is generally stingy and will generally … Continue reading

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The Hardest People to Convince

History is full of examples of People with new ides running up against opposition.  Surprisingly it is the Experts of the time who are the most difficult to make a Paradigm shift to a new way of thinking.  Experts have … Continue reading

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Close Off Bubb And McClellan during Peak School Traffic

Why not close off Bubb Rd. from Rainbow Dr. to McClellan Rd. and McClellan Rd to just before Orange Ave. from let us say 8:00am to 8:30am and arrange with all schools in that area to start classes at 8:30am.  … Continue reading

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Bicycles and Shopping

I have already commented upon Mixed Usage – Housing Mixed with Small Businesses.  I’d like to elaborate.  In a bicycle culture shopping needs to be dispersed and decentralized to make it more convenient for neighborhood shopping regarding daily or frequently shopped … Continue reading

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Biking for All Seasons

Cupertino is located in an area of Mediterranean climate.  It has a short rainy season from November through February and our rain is comparatively light relative to much of the rest of the country.  It rarely snows, perhaps once every … Continue reading

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Bicycles of all Flavors

Bicycles come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations.  There are bicycles and tricycles which can carry several people.  Some of these utilitarian tricycles are referred to as cycle trucks or cargo bikes since they are designed to carry cargo.  … Continue reading

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Public Transportation

In order for a bicycle culture to work without cars there must be a decent public transportation backbone for commuting over longer distances.  Extensive buses to neighborhood streets are not necessary around a bike culture because bikes can easily travel … Continue reading

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