I Dream of Bicycles instead of cars

I envision a city government which realizes that it has no plan for Sustainable population Growth, the consequences of which are increasing traffic congestion and dangerous road conditions for cars, bicycles and pedestrians, who share the same Vision of Sustainable Growth expressed in this blog with financial commitments for infrastructure changes to make bicycles the preferred transportation choice  into the future.

I hope for a City Council committed toward first making our streets SAFE for kids cycling to school rather than being driven to school by parents as well as high school students driving to school, where Safe bicycle routes are expanded throughout Cupertino for casual cyclists to Safely get around town for recreation, shopping, and other tasks.

It is so important that schools, city government, and code enforcement develop educational programs promoting cycling rather than driving together with SAFE biking habits and rules of the road that change the culture of our youth towards riding bicycles to school and play, and then expand such programs to the general public.

The city must develop amenities and bicycle routes and paths that APPEAL to residents enticing then to use their bikes instead of drive, with plenty of shaded trees and pleasantly landscaping and curbs for people to step on at stop signs and signal lights, where synchronized signal lights for bicycle traffic exits and pleasant bicycle trails located throughout the city away from car traffic exist and where shortcuts and convenient routes to shopping and eating establishments abound.

Residential neighborhood roads will eventually be closed off to cars, but available to emergency and delivery vehicles, in residential areas allowing CONVENIENT bicycle and pedestrian use and of obsolete garages and extra road space converted into smaller housing units or small shops in the more distant future.

In the future side street will be CONVENIENTLY lined with shops and eating establishments mixed with residential housing closed off to car traffic so local resident can easily walk and bike to shop on roads free of parked cars scattered throughout the city and eventually interconnected over time with other closed off streets with and without shops until large sections of the city are eventually close off to traffic in the distant future.

I dream of a city with bicycle expressways, bridge-ways, and Subways to create CONVENIENT shortcuts around town and to adjacent cities and public transportation hubs with bicycle parking and able to take bicycles and resident to more distant locations.