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Union Pacific Railroad Trail for Bicycling and Walking

There is an unofficial trail along the Union Pacific Railroad tracks that is used by bikers and walkers daily.  People have been using this trail for more than 4 decades.  The Union Pacific has never band people from bike riding … Continue reading

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Mixed Usage – Housing Mixed with Small Businesses

Mixed usage is good for the community and biking if done correctly.  The idea is to bring shopping closer to the community rather than centralizing it and placing it in a shopping mall development where everyone must drive to shop.  … Continue reading

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Why shouldn’t the City have a Road Map into the Future?

The City of Cupertino is embarking on two major projects, the Stevens Creek Corridor and a New Civic Center.  I know the New Civic Center will cost upwards of $52 million and from the size of the Stevens Creek Corridor … Continue reading

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No Single Solution Fits All Circumstances

No single solution will fit all situations.  Even on the same street different solutions may be required for different sections of the street.  Different portions of a street may have different conditions such as the width of the street, whether … Continue reading

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Physical Barriers on Boths Sides of McClellan Rd.

McClellan Rd. is wide enough that physical barrier curb-like structures can be used on both sides of the road.  A few houses across from Monta Vista High may have to have accommodations for garbage pickup.  I’ll have to check.  There … Continue reading

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Humped and Bumped Barriers on Bubb Road

A longitudinal semi-round humped strip about 6-8 inches wide and 3 inches high could line the Southbound side (School Side) of the road with no parking on that side of the road but allowing garbage truck to run over.  This … Continue reading

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Closing Southbound Lane on Bubb Rd. During Moring Student Commute

One possible solution is to close off the South bound lane (West side of street) during morning student commute hours and allow biking in the street with a 3 foot buffer between bicyclists and cars.  This limits car traffic to … Continue reading

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Making Biking Attractive

Auto manufactures entice us to buy cars by totally isolating us from the outside world with air condition, sound proof interiors, exterior systems and even built in TVs.  They provide comfortable seats and safety devices to give you the impression … Continue reading

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Fix Safety First

Whenever undertaking a project like making biking appealing so all can enjoy and participate one must first make that activity SAFE.  Otherwise all but the diehard bicycle enthusiast will take up the challenge.  The goal is to get everyone cycling … Continue reading

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