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A Bicycle Ride on the Stevens Creek Trail in Mountain View

Last week I had the opportunity to ride my bicycle on the Stevens Creek Train in Mountain View… Overall the trail was about 5 mile long and terminated at Shoreline where it intersected the Bay Trail, another very nice bicycle trail worth exploring later… The entire trail is paved and well maintained with a lot of wildlife, trees, and vegetation along the way. There are only a few spots where Steven Creek itself is visible until you approach the bay near Shoreline. It has the feel of being close to nature in spite of traffic noise, much nicer than the much shorter way overdeveloped Stevens Creek Trail in Cupertino. Continue reading

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Incentivizing Employees to Live Close to Work and Reduce Traffic

I have written about incentives that employers could pay employees for living near work in an earlier post.  I am breaking this out as a separate post because this could be a key strategy for reducing traffic around town. The … Continue reading

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Smart Growth for our Communities

I have been involve in the Smart Growth movement for about one and a half years now and have read numerous articles and subscribe to a news letter. Smart Growth isn’t about one way of doing things. It has its … Continue reading

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Liability Kills Innovation and Solutions

We in Cupertino live in the heart of Innovation, Silicon Valley.  Apple has its headquarters and largest R&D facility here.  Yet when you ask the city to implement biking safety enhancements which are not mainstream in California they say they … Continue reading

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Building a Quaint Bicycle Friendly Community

Building up a Bicycle Community requires the following Bicycle Strategy: Safety, Appeal, [and] Convenience to be developed and implemented.  But from a logistical perspective these Strategies can be done in a combination of series and/or parallel actions.  But bicycle Safety … Continue reading

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Do You Know what That New Painted Bicycle Sharrow Symbols on the Roads Mean?

Do you know what this new symbol painted on Rainbow Dr. between Stelling Rd. and Bubb Rd. means? I asked my wife and she guessed that it meant for cars to watch out for bicycle riding to the right next … Continue reading

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The Most Efficient Means of Transportation Devised by Man

Efficiency of vehicles is measured by the amount of energy (work) that will propel the vehicle over a certain distend in a given time.  It is also the amount of materials, energy, and labor resource needed to make and maintain … Continue reading

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Best Practices in Bicycle Lane Designs

The emphasis of this article is on making bicycle lanes as safe as possible.  No single solution fits all circumstances.  Such considerations as driveways, intersections, cars making right terms, bikes making left terns, etc. must be considered for any given … Continue reading

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Protected Bike Lanes

Protected Bike Lanes were first developed in Norther European countries to physically separate bicycles form cars to increase safety and to make bicycle lanes Appealing by incorporating landscaping and tree along the rout.  This also make it safe for people … Continue reading

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Bicycle Subway of the Future

I have a vision of a Bicycle Subway of the distant future where subway tunnels run underground throughout the city with exist at convenient locations.  These subways will have mechanized ramps of the future which aid bicycles up to the … Continue reading

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Bicycles and Shopping

I have already commented upon Mixed Usage – Housing Mixed with Small Businesses.  I’d like to elaborate.  In a bicycle culture shopping needs to be dispersed and decentralized to make it more convenient for neighborhood shopping regarding daily or frequently shopped … Continue reading

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Union Pacific Railroad Trail for Bicycling and Walking

There is an unofficial trail along the Union Pacific Railroad tracks that is used by bikers and walkers daily.  People have been using this trail for more than 4 decades.  The Union Pacific has never band people from bike riding … Continue reading

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Mixed Usage – Housing Mixed with Small Businesses

Mixed usage is good for the community and biking if done correctly.  The idea is to bring shopping closer to the community rather than centralizing it and placing it in a shopping mall development where everyone must drive to shop.  … Continue reading

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