Union Pacific Railroad Trail for Bicycling and Walking

There is an unofficial trail along the Union Pacific Railroad tracks that is used by bikers and walkers daily.  People have been using this trail for more than 4 decades.  The Union Pacific has never band people from bike riding or walking this trail.  However there are portions of this trail where culverts are located that force people to bike and walk within a few feet of the tracks presenting a potential hazard.  During the winter months rain often make the dirt trail difficult to navigate.

If the City could work out a deal whereby the railroad would lease or loan a strip of this trail and allow the city to make a formal paved trail with bridges over the culverts, this could serve as a very nice trail going through the city and joining with Joe’s trail which is being developed by the city of Saratoga.

This would provide a relatively long bicycle trail away from car traffic except there it crosses streets which could have special bicycle crossings.  This will make it far safer from the train and year round use.  It would encourage more people to cycle in a safe place away from car traffic.  There has been no known accidents with the train which at most runs once a day at about 20 mph and can be heard miles away blasting its horn at every intersection.

It could serve as a safe shortcut to some of our schools in the Tri-School area.  It can also serve as a shortcut to other locations around town at the various street intersections.  Saratoga has already done years of study on their portion of the trail so Cupertino can benefit from this.

For an update to this post go to Union Pacific Railroad Trail Update

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