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Future Cupertino Traffic Projections (Including General Plan Data)

The following is an update of the post Future Cupertino Traffic Projections.  This analysis focuses upon the number of Cars in the city and projections of car numbers to 2015 (present time) and 2023 (8 years when the current General Plan … Continue reading

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Davis California is 1st City in U.S. to Install Dutch Designed Protected Bicycle Intersection

The small town of Davis California is a quaint college town where UC Davis is located.  For decades bicycles have been one of the primary ways students on a tight budget have gotten around town.  So historically bicycles have played … Continue reading

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Do You Know what That New Painted Bicycle Sharrow Symbols on the Roads Mean?

Do you know what this new symbol painted on Rainbow Dr. between Stelling Rd. and Bubb Rd. means? I asked my wife and she guessed that it meant for cars to watch out for bicycle riding to the right next … Continue reading

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The Reason Bicycles Have No Powerful Advocates

I’ve said in some of my blog posts how energy-efficient, low-cost, non-polluting, very safe, and mechanically simple bicycles fundamentally are.  Bicycles are the most Efficient means of Transportation devised by man.  They are the panacea for local and intermediate commuting.  … Continue reading

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Letter to City: Future Growth and Traffic in Cupertino

Letter from me to Cupertino Planning Department 8/9/2015 (with minor corrections): Dear Planners of our City, I do not think our City Government has a firm grasp of the future traffic issues in Cupertino based upon the GPA.  Let me … Continue reading

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Future Cupertino Traffic Projections

[Note: this article has a followup that include data from the latest General Plan numbers for anticipated growth.] Here are some census data from 1990 to 2010 of adults 18 years and older: 1990: 31,533;    2000: 37,083;     2010: 42,227 When … Continue reading

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A Recent Post I made to Nextdoor About Bicycles and Cars

The following was a comment I posted on Nextdoor (you must be a member and log in) regarding the city wasting money on signs for bicycle going the wrong direction and the new green bike lanes. I am a 71 … Continue reading

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The Most Efficient Means of Transportation Devised by Man

Efficiency of vehicles is measured by the amount of energy (work) that will propel the vehicle over a certain distend in a given time.  It is also the amount of materials, energy, and labor resource needed to make and maintain … Continue reading

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