A Recent Post I made to Nextdoor About Bicycles and Cars

The following was a comment I posted on Nextdoor (you must be a member and log in) regarding the city wasting money on signs for bicycle going the wrong direction and the new green bike lanes.

I am a 71 year old senior who still loves to ride my bike on our dangerous streets.  As it turns out our bicycles are supposed to have the same rights as cars to ride on our public streets.  But careless drivers have almost struck me a few times.  We really have the legal right but not practically because of safety.  In a collision between a car and bicycle no mater whose fault it is the bicycle without exception comes out the loosing end.  So people are hesitant to exercise their right to ride their bikes our unsafe streets.  I’ve been lucky so far because there are a lot of crazy drivers out there.  Sure there may be crazy bikers but crazy drivers can do infinitely more damage than crazy bikers.  We need safer Class 4 protected bicycle lanes to physically separate crazy bikers from crazy drivers thus making bicycles far safer to ride like cars are due to a ton of two of steel protection.  My protection consists of an inexpensive helmet to protect my head, a little better than nothing.  We cyclist need the most help we can get from being killed or worst by cars. There are too many drivers who totally ignore bicycle riders on shared streets obeying the law.

Our streets are DANGEROUS for bikes as they exist today.  Even green paint is not going to protect me against a car whose driver is not paying attention to my legal presence.  For every $100 the city spends on streets for cars less than one cent is spent on making the roads equally safe for bicycles to ride.  Yet our roads are intended for bicycles as well as cars.  This is disproportionate to the rights of bicycle riders with equal rights to the shared roads.

If you want the city to stop wasting money make them haul the $60-70 million Civic Center remake project or the $55 million Stevens Creek Corridor project.  I’ve done all I can including speaking at city council meetings, writing public comments and posting on Nextdoor.  These $110 million projects are truly unnecessary and a waste of really big money.  We need far more investments on bicycle lanes to make them safe for all ages to safely ride in order to reduce traffic around schools and around town due to the 17,000 extra jobs and traffic coming to Cupertino due to the New General Plan.

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Sustainable Bicycle and Smart Growth Advocate
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