Public Transportation

In order for a bicycle culture to work without cars there must be a decent public transportation backbone for commuting over longer distances.  Extensive buses to neighborhood streets are not necessary around a bike culture because bikes can easily travel several miles to a transit terminal.  Transit terminals need plenty of bicycle parking space.  In Denmark there are bicycle racks that can stack bikes two high so crowded are they with parked bikes.

It is best that public transit systems be located around the periphery of cities or along a major thoroughfare through the center of the city physically separated from cycling traffic so that bicycles are not in danger of being struck by transit vehicles.

Public transit systems should be capable of carrying bicycles for those riders who need to use their bikes at their transit destination.  This means that transit systems need to have adequate parking space for the storage of bikes aboard the transit vehicle.

It would be nice to have shops and grocery stores inside some transit terminals so that commuters can shop on their way home.  This will reduce the need for commuters to make special trips to shop saving time.  Without a lot of cars on the road, roads can be make more narrow and occupied by shops.

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Sustainable Bicycle and Smart Growth Advocate
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