Bicycles of all Flavors

Bicycles come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations.  There are bicycles and tricycles which can carry several people.  Some of these utilitarian tricycles are referred to as cycle trucks or cargo bikes since they are designed to carry cargo.  There are electrical assist bicycles and tricycles even seniors and other can ride.

Bikes have been designed for all kinds of amazing tasks.  They come in all shapes and forms.  I have a small adult fold up electrical bike with a tow cart for carrying large loads of food and other items.  It is rated at 150 lbs. so can carry some heavy loads.  It detaches and converts into a shopping cart that I can easily bring into the store to place items in.  It has detachable inflated wheels and fold up for easy storage in the trunk of our car together with my fold up electric bike.  So I can go conveniently anywhere.

It’s simply amazing how clever people have been in designing bikes.  I’m not sure if there are any laws governing the design and safety of bikes, perhaps there are none since there is no licensing of them, but I’ve see custom made bikes or modified bikes from very tall ones to very small ones and very long ones to very short ones.  A few have one wheel, most have two wheels and some have three wheels.  Some are designed light weight for speed, some for touring, some for everyday use, some for on trail used, some for acrobatic use, and some for fold-up and travel use.  Some are enclosed and resemble small three wheel cars with electrical motors and some have seating for up to 4.

The more they are used the more forms they will come in.  The word Bicycle is somewhat of a misnomer because they can come in one to three wheels, two wheel bikes being by far the most common so Cycle is far more an accurate description though I use bike, bicycle, and cycle interchangeably.

Because bikes are so simple to maintain they can typically last decades.  I have a bike I bought when I got my first job and still have it.  I bought it in 1973 for a little over $200 a lot of money for that time.  So not only are bikes by far less expensive than an inexpensive car but they can last far longer.  From a financial point of view there is really no comparison.  If you only own a bike you save thousands of dollars every year.  So 10 years from now if Cupertino becomes a truly cycling friendly city for the casual cyclists one can save on the cost and maintenance of a car for other expenses.  And they really take up almost no space at all.

So it kind of makes you think why we so dependent upon our cars?  There really is a very feasible alternative that can take care of a large portion of your transportation and utilitarian needs especially around town, if only Cupertino was Safer, more Appealing for riding a bike, and more Convenient for biking.  Now is the time for the City to start for reasons of Sustainable Growth.

About Frank Geefay

Sustainable Bicycle and Smart Growth Advocate
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