Biking for All Seasons

Cupertino is located in an area of Mediterranean climate.  It has a short rainy season from November through February and our rain is comparatively light relative to much of the rest of the country.  It rarely snows, perhaps once every 20-30 years and the snow melts within minutes.  So we have almost ideal weather for outdoors activities.  Yet people here complain that biking exposes them to the occasional rain.

Contrast that with Denmark were more than half their population cycle to work or shop rain, snow, or shine.  Denmark has either rain or snow in just about all seasons.  Yet people there cope quite will.  They hold an umbrella in one hand and steer their bikes with the other.  Its almost as natural to them as riding itself.  And for cold, there really isn’t any comparison.  Their most mild winter is colder than our most severe winter cold yet they still ride their bike through the snow.  So why are we complaining?

In New York City where one of my children went to graduate school she used to walk 5 block to the subway in the snow or rain then 6 more block to shop.  She simply carried an umbrella when it looked like it would rain.  Then she carried her heavy bag full of groceries back to the subway then from the subway back to where she lived.  She also had to walk to school 5 blocks away every day.  She said the exercise made her feel really fit.

People rough it out elsewhere in this country and other parts of the world.  Because of that they are more healthy than we are in this car-centric culture.  We are truly spoiled and are paying a huge price in terms of obesity, diabetes, coronary disease, and cancer with our sedentary lifestyle, shortening our lives and limiting our mobility.

Wake up and get outside Cupertino.  Breath some fresh air and enjoy nature close up.  Bikes are far more closer to nature than cars, especially after the advent of air conditioned cars which are more airtight than a safe.  Enjoy our great weather rather than being isolated from it as cars now so effectively do.  All your senses are suppressed inside our insulated and isolating steel horse.  There are people who would love to live here and bath in our mild climate every day if they could only afford it so we are truly fortunate so get on your bike and ride.

About Frank Geefay

Sustainable Bicycle and Smart Growth Advocate
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