My Bucket List for Biking and Walking in Cupertino

Here are the things I how to see, do, and experience in Cupertino:

  • Convince the City that Bicycles are a major part of the solution of traffic mitigation and for Sustainable Growth for the City.  This is the center theme of this blog;
  • Convince the City that Smart Growth processes must be employed in the planning for future growth in our City;
  • Convince the City that bicycles on streets have as much importance and priority in city planning as cars.
  • Convince the Bicycle Pedestrian Commission that SAFETY should be their prime directive for Bicycle and Pedestrian pathways and that their Mission should be “To Enable every residents of All Ages to Ride Their Bikes and Walk our streets SAFELY and Conveniently throughout the city as a means of mitigating traffic congestion.“;
  • See the City consider bicycles with the same priority in road planning as cars;
  • Be able to ride Class 4 separated bike lanes throughout our city;
  • Ride the Stevens Creek Trail connected from Cupertino all the way to the Shoreline in Mountain View;
  • Ride a safe and paved Southern Pacific Trail along the Southern Pacific railroad track through its length in Cupertino;
  • See and bicycle far more new bicycle/walking trails away from traffic;
  • See far safer and protected bicycle lanes around schools to increase bike safety and encourage far more students to safely bicycle to school thus reducing traffic;
  • See some closed off street to cars that people can bike and walk in to shop and eat;
  • Signal lights for bicycle traffic;
  • Synchronized signal lights for bicycles;
  • See sidewalk repairs and construction along East side of Bubb Rd. between Rainbow Rd. and Kennedy Middle School making it safe for students to walk to school.

About Frank Geefay

Sustainable Bicycle and Smart Growth Advocate
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