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What are Class IV Cycle Tracks (protected bicycle lanes)?

Until very recently a very important bicycle lane design, one specifically intended to make bicycling safe from cars, did not legally exists.  Some of the leaders in safe bicycle lane designs went ahead and copied designs from Europe and other … Continue reading

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Best Practices in Bicycle Lane Designs

The emphasis of this article is on making bicycle lanes as safe as possible.  No single solution fits all circumstances.  Such considerations as driveways, intersections, cars making right terms, bikes making left terns, etc. must be considered for any given … Continue reading

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Why Should We Tolerate Even One Bicycle-Car Accident?

Would you consider it tolerable if even one bicycle-car accident occurred a year if it were your child or family member riding that unfortunate bike?  So why should we tolerate such accidents for any other member of our community?  Why … Continue reading

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