Humped and Bumped Barriers on Bubb Road

A longitudinal semi-round humped strip about 6-8 inches wide and 3 inches high could line the Southbound side (School Side) of the road with no parking on that side of the road but allowing garbage truck to run over.  This hump will be felt by a car wandering into the bicycle land and bicycles wandering into the car lane.  Trash bins can be places on the edge of the curb instead of the street.

On the Northbound side of the street reflective bumps will divide the bike lane from the car lane.  Parking after 5 pm and before 7 am can be permitted.  Again garbage bins will be placed on the curbs or driveways.  If either bike or car wanders onto the bumps the vibration from the bumps will announce that they have gone too far.

Eventually parking should be ban from Bubb Rd. between Rainbow and McClellan and Humped strips placed on the Northbound bike lane.

Bubb Rd Hump

About Frank Geefay

Sustainable Bicycle and Smart Growth Advocate
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    This is a grreat blog


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