Think BIG, Ask BIG, Be Convinced

So often we undersell ourselves by thinking too small and only asking for small amounts of resources or money giving those on the giving end the impression that what you ask is insignificant.  Management is generally stingy and will generally give no more than requested unless they feel the request has potential of being very beneficial.

How they perceive the benefits to them are based in part on how we present the proposal.  If we make it seem small and petty because we are afraid to ask for more we will likely get less than asked for.  But if we give the impressions that this is something significant and worthwhile there is a chance that we may get more than we ask for if they perceive it having the benefits you claim.  So its all about the merits of your claims and how convincing you market your proposal as to how receptive the audience is about the benefits to them.

It’s really a marketing opportunity.  So don’t ask for too little and make your, case.  How infectious you are counts as much as how factual you are.  So talk more than show visual aids though aid can help, but they must only be there as placeholders and highlights to your audience, not the center of your presentation.  You are the center of attention.  Let your audience focus upon you and what you say.  The fewer visual aids the better.

So Think Big and ask Big.  But first be convincing.  In order to be convincing you must first be fully convinced and invested yourself.  You must be the biggest believer of what you say or you will have difficulty convincing others unless you are skilled at conning others.

About Frank Geefay

Sustainable Bicycle and Smart Growth Advocate
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