Close Off Bubb And McClellan during Peak School Traffic

Why not close off Bubb Rd. from Rainbow Dr. to McClellan Rd. and McClellan Rd to just before Orange Ave. from let us say 8:00am to 8:30am and arrange with all schools in that area to start classes at 8:30am.  Post warning signs on McClellan Rd. and Stelling Rd. about the closure of Bubb Rd. and McClellan Rd. during the time slot to stop vehicles from going to that intersection.  That will be a 30 min window that no one can drive on those 2 streets.  Also do not allow high school students to park their cars in the school parking lot during that time slot.  During that window of time the streets are open only for cycling and the sidewalks will be completely safe for walking.  Parents do not have to worry about the safety of their children because there will be lots of kids biking and walking at the same time and No cars on the road or crossing at intersecting streets – complete safety from vehicular traffic.

That means that if anyone wants to drive their kids to school or park in the Monta Vista High School parking lot they must do it before 8:00am.  That also excludes drop off problems.  Parents might drop their kids off at the back of schools like Monta Vista High but if this become too much of a problem then those streets can also be closed off so parents have to drop them off further away.  Making driving inconvenient encourages the use of alternatives and reduces or eliminates traffic and all its associated consequences.

I one day trial experiment could be performed.  If the City could compare the total number of people waling and cycling on that day and compare it with what it is like on a typical day one can estimate it potential impact on solving the traffic problem and safety problems in this area.  For every student that normally is driven to school but walks or rides their bike that day is one less car on the road.  This is only 30 min. in which these roads are closed.

This solution is simple, elegant and would have definitely saved the life of Ethan Wong.  It could well save the life of the next potential student victim.

Suggestion contributed by Hung Wai Chien

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Sustainable Bicycle and Smart Growth Advocate
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