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The Deadly Third Rail of Growth

At the heart of any community of people is housing, a place where people live and feel a sense of home and belonging, a comfortable and familiar place to rest and be oneself. But jobs are ultimately the reason people move from location to location in order to secure their livelihoods. Some may claim that they moved to a specific location for other reason such as schools or more affordable houses but in essence it is the prospects of a good job that bring them to the area… Continue reading

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A City without a Mission

I feel that Cupertino is like a child trying by trial and error to finds its way.  It is a city without a Mission, Purpose or Vision.  There is no theme by which to guide the city towards the future.  … Continue reading

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Cities where Cars are not Needed

Believe it or not there are a few cities in America where the majority of people do not routinely drive cars.  They are among the largest or most densely populated cities.  The problem people of these cities encounter is not … Continue reading

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