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Smart Growth – A Personal Perspective

I actually devised Smart Growth independently (my form of it) around the summer of last year while the General Plan Amendment (GPA) was undergoing scrutiny around the summer of 2014. I had by then determined that car traffic would limit Cupertino’s ability to sustain growth for long and was trying to solve this problem. It became clear that replacing cars with bicycles was the right path so I developed a long range Vision of what Cupertino would look like without cars. Continue reading

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A City without a Mission

I feel that Cupertino is like a child trying by trial and error to finds its way.  It is a city without a Mission, Purpose or Vision.  There is no theme by which to guide the city towards the future.  … Continue reading

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Alleviating Fears that Cars will be Ban from Streets

It occurs to me that some people may be interpreting my intentions expressed in this website to start banning cars from the streets.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I know so well that it is unrealistic to ban … Continue reading

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