What I Wished the City Would Do – Bicycle Paths


Cupertino is a rather medium small city in the San Francisco Bay Area with a population of about 50,000.  It is the home to Apple the most profitable company in the world.  The city government has a healthy general fund.  Currently bicycle lanes are not designed for people of all ages and abilities to safely use.

Proposed Project:

An accelerated program of Class 4 protected bicycle lanes and class 1 bike lanes throughout all major roadways thoroughfares and routs to public schools throughout the City of Cupertino. Improved routs throughout the city for bicycles such as the SP Railroad track for students and cyclists. Drinking fountains along major bike lanes. Bicycle stands conveniently located along routs, shopping areas, and public transportation stops. Educational programs for students and citizens


$100 million estimated from city in additional to other county, VTA, Caltrans, state, and federal program funds.

Time Frame:

2-6 years from time of approval.

Benefit for the City:

  1. Place Cupertino on the global map as one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world, a legacy which will grow every year as more people use bicycles to commute throughout our city for every day commuting.
  2. Provide opportunity for the people who live and commute in the city of Cupertino to safely ride bicycle throughout the city for pleasure, schools, shopping, and take public transportation at transportation stops.
  3. 5-30X increase in bikers each year.
  4. Reduce traffic congestion throughout the city and around schools especially as the city grows (sustainable).
  5. Reduced need for parking spaces at shopping centers, offices, library, and schools allowing for further expansion of these facilities as the city grows.
  6. Lower road maintenance due to the reduction in car traffic on the roads.
  7. Serve as an example for other cities to use as an example that such things are possible in other areas other than Europe.
  8. Make Cupertino Green
  9. Good for the environment making the city far more green.
  10. Increase shopping within the city due to the convenience of bicycle routs to local shops and a change of a car-centric culture towards a cycling culture.

Benefits for citizens:

  1. Safer bicycle routes will encourage more people each year to ride their bikes safely on the shared streets of our city. Reduced traffics will also lower accidents in general in the city saving significant medical and insurance expenses for all people living in our city.
  2. Riding bikes will reduce the number of car trips people make daily further lowering insurance rates, and reducing money and time spent at the pump.
  3. Reduce the cost of car maintenance and making cars last longer with lower mileage.
  4. Lower obesity and diabetes and other health related issues due to the lack of exercise for both youth and adults of all ages.
  5. Reduce the hassle of looking for parking spaces at work and shopping areas in the city.
  6. Reduce traffic around schools and the time parents spend taking kids to school.
  7. Teach children starting at a young age that there are alternative to riding in a car.

Other Benefits:

  1. Reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution.
  2. Reduce reliance upon fossil fuels.
  3. Reduce landfills with cars and car parts.
  4. Reduce the need to use resources to build and maintain cars.
  5. What better can we spend $110 million on, a Stevens Creek Corridor or new Civic Center?

About Frank Geefay

Sustainable Bicycle and Smart Growth Advocate
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